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Biophysics Colab provides a review and curation service for preprints describing quantitative studies of physicochemical mechanisms underlying physiological processes.

Ribbon representation of haemoglobin
(PDB: 5NI1) showing two bound haem groups
by Angela Ballesteros, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Improving the rigour of biophysical research

Biophysics Colab is a community of biophysicists who support the mission and vision of Science Colab. As a fledgling operation, Biophysics Colab developed its service by reviewing membrane protein biophysics preprints, and is now expanding into other biophysical areas. 


If you'd like to get involved, the curators would appreciate your suggestions for preprints to review – whether from your laboratory or others. Please also let us know if you'd like to become a reviewer – our reviewing teams are diverse and our collaborative process supports inexperienced reviewers.


The outputs from our service – consolidated reports, author responses, and endorsement statements – are available to read on Sciety.

When authors request or approve our service, a curator engages a diverse team of reviewers to collaboratively evaluate the preprint. The team produces a single, consolidated report that articulates revisions that they consider essential for endorsement, as well as additional suggestions to consider.

Consolidated reports are publicly posted with authors' consent. Authors can discuss the report with their curator, publicly respond to the comments, and post a revised preprint, if appropriate. When the reviewing team consider the study to be robust, an endorsement statement is posted that explains the strengths of the work and the communities to whom it will be of interest.


In the future, endorsed preprints will be converted into journal articles so they can be cited as a 'version of record'. Our entire workflow will be supported by a content management system designed for Publish, Review, Curate by Coko.

You publish, we review and curate

Biophysics Colab Curators Workflow


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