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An open knowledge ecosystem driven by the scholarly community 

a better
future for science

Our nonprofit approach and supportive environment provide equitable conditions to further the scientific endeavour

High quality
peer review

We facilitate constructive and journal-agnostic feedback on publicly-available preprints to enhance their rigour

Equitable, inclusive and transparent

Our core values ensure the global scientific community and society as a whole can benefit from our service

Driven by communities

We support research communities to provide a collaborative service that delivers collegial feedback to authors


We leverage the expertise within the scholarly community to provide high quality peer review of published preprints


Authors decide when their work is ready for publication on a publicly-available preprint server


We provide a curation service that publicly endorses preprints whose results and conclusions are rigorous and robust

Facilitating change in scientific publishing

We are driving forward open science by adopting the Publish, Review, Curate model to evaluate and disseminate scientific research

Introducing our first community

Biophysics Colab, a worldwide collaboration of biophysicists led by Kenton J Swartz, is now reviewing and curating published preprints

Supported by

Our partners

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